Violence Revisited : Security, War and Peace Narrated

8th European Feminist Research Conference
May 17-20, 2012 | Budapest, Hungary
Strand 11
Violence Revisited: Security, War and Peace Narrated
For this strand we seek papers that address questions connected to different issues of wars, terrorism, extremism, security questions as well as peace studies. How are these issues narrated in the scholar literature? What are important historiographical narratives in the ways that the history of violence has and is being told? What are the gendered implications intrastate conflicts and political violence? What are the ways of renegotiating of gender relations in times of military conflict, collaboration, resistance and agency? Likewise, we are interested in empirical studies of different kinds that deal with the subject around the key words of conflict studies, genocide, trauma, violence, resistance. What are the transnational (global) networks and possibilities of pacifism? How does all this influence the politics, methods and ethics of feminist research? We are especially interested in “gendered” experiences shaped by particular practices and discourses of masculinity in conflict
The strand is coordinated by ANDREA PETŐ (,



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