Voicing Conflict: Women and 20th Century Warfare / Les Voix du conflit : femmes et guerres au XXème siècle

“Voicing Conflict: Women and 20th Century Warfare / Les Voix du conflit : femmes et guerres au XXème siècle”, Miranda, n°2, juillet 2010


Sommaire du numéro

Introduction. Karen MESCHIA

Front Line Voices / Voix sur la ligne de front

X-Ray Vision: Women Photograph War. Margaret R. HIGONNET

W.A.A.C.s : Crossing the line in the Great War. Claire BOWEN

Roles in Conflict: The Woman War Reporter. Maggie ALLISON

Home Front Voices / Voix du Home Front

New Slants on Gender and Power Relations in British Second World War Films. Elizabeth de CACQUERAY

“Careless Talk”: Word Shortage in Elizabeth Bowen’s Wartime Writing. Céline MAGOT

“A secret at the heart of darkness opening up” : de Little Eden-A Child at War (1978) à Journey to Nowhere (2008), les mots de la guerre ou les batailles du silence dans l’écriture autobiographique d’Eva Figes. Nathalie VINCENT-ARNAUD

Naomi the Poet and Nella the Housewife: Finding a Space to Write from. The Wartime Diaries of Naomi Mitchison and Nella Last. Karen MESCHIA

Conflict, Power and Gender in Women’s Memories of the Second World War: a Mass-Observation Study. Penny SUMMERFIELD

Voices for Peace / Voix pour la paix

Woman as Peacemaker or the Ambivalent Politics of Myth. Cyril SELZNER

Les Filles d’Athéna et des Amazones en Amérique. Nicole OLLIER

When Women Write the First Poem: Louise Driscoll and the “war poem scandal”. Jennifer KILGORE-CARADEC

H.D. and the Angelus Militans. Suzanne HOBSON

Articles hors-thème / Occasional papers

Nation and National Identity in Susan Glaspell’s Inheritors (1921). Emeline JOUVE

Self-Dispossessing Possessors. Businessmen and Salesmen in Eugene O’Neill’s Fictional America. Annalisa BRUGNOLI

An American Tragedy: Memory and History in Eugene O’Neill’s A Touch of the Poet and Mourning Becomes Electra. Aurélie SANCHEZ

Recensions / Reviews

Martin J.S. Rudwick, Worlds Before Adam: The Reconstruction of Geohistory in the Age of Reform. Laurence TALAIRACH-VIELMAS

Susan Redington Bobby (ed.), Fairy Tales Reimagined: Essays on New Retellings. Sylvie MAUREL

Ralph O’Connor, The Earth on Show: Fossils and the Poetics of Popular Science, 1802–1856. Laurence TALAIRACH-VIELMAS

American Women Artists in Wartime, 1776-2010

Paula E. Calvin and Deborah A. Deacon, American Women Artists in Wartime, 1776-2010, Mc Farland, 2011, 222 p.

51RYClQ-b1L._SS500_-copie-1.jpg About the Book

For generations, men have left their homes and families to defend their country while their wives, mothers and daughters remained safely at home, outwardly unaffected. A closer examination reveals that women have always been directly impacted by war. In the last few years, they have actively participated on the front lines.

This book tells the story of the women who documented the impact of war on their lives through their art. It includes works by professional artists and photographers, combat artists, ordinary women who documented their military experiences, and women who worked in a variety of types of needlework. Taken together, these images explore the female consciousness in wartime.

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